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Queue Management Systems

Queue Management Systems can cover a wide range of applications, from a small customer walk in operation, to a complex management installation for large operations covering a variety of services. We have the answer for anyone requiring to manage and monitor their customer inflows.

Queue Management System- Benefits

For Customers

Ensures fair service, tickets are issued at time of arrival.
First come first served.
Avoids usual frustration of waiting areas "who's next".
Customers have impression of good service being provided.

For Management

Managers can see number of customers waiting, in real time.
How many desk agents are operational in real time.
Reports can be drawn showing, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly amount of customers being seen.
Reports can show peak hours of day, week or month.
Manager can monitor time that agent spent with each customer.
Reports enable management to effectively ensure the best customer service.

These are essential in any situation where customers are attending a location such as Bank, Hospital, Visa Office or Government Department, where they have to wait (normally seated) in order to be seen.

With our Q-Net system, customers take a given a numbered ticket as they enter, then they can take a seat and relax, knowing that they will be seen in order. When a staff member is free they can call the next customer, either via keypad on their desk or a virtual one on their PC.

The relevant ticket number is then announced via the speakers, at the same time the ticket and counter numbers are displayed on a Digital Display or LCD screen.

Included with an Electronic Queue System is full management reporting software, enabling a manager to see in real time how many people are waiting and for how long. Reports can be extracted showing a complete history, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly of the people using the system, also the efficiency of staff, in all a complete management tool.

Supermarket Displays
Intended for use where customers are waiting in line for the next counter or teller to be available. These are ideal for Retail Shops, Supermarkets, Bank Tellers, Licensing departments, or anywhere where there is no waiting area and where management reporting is not required.

Customers wait in line for the next teller or cashier, when the next operator is available they call the next customer forward, via a wireless button on their counter or till. As that happens a voice announcement is made saying “Next Customer Please”, the display then indicates the counter number. In between announcements promotional messages can be displayed.

These are intended where arriving customers need to be issued with a numbered ticket, to ensure that they are seen in order of arrival, without the need for management reporting.

Customers take a ticket upon arrival either from a pre-printed roll, or via a press button kiosk, instead of waiting in line they can be seated. When a staff member is ready to see the next customer, they call “next” on the keypad and and the ticket number is displayed on the digital screen.

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